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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

CosplaySky Review- Junko Enoshima COSPLAY and WIG

Hello lovelies! Sorry I've been quiet, holidays really killed me with being sick and stressed and out of town and such. I hope everyone had an awesome one! And if you work retail as well, well yeah my heart goes out to you! Anywho I am so super duper highschool level excited to bring you a new review! It's a full cosplay from CosplaySky. They were kind enough to sponsor me! They gave me a choice of anything off their site and it was super duper hard to choose because everything looked super nice and I have too many plans (doh) and so I finally settled on the Super High School Level queen of despair herself. Junko Enoshima.
Stock Photo:

Initial thought:
The costume
Costume: As you can see this place is super affordable. $59 for an entire cosplay is almost a steal! Expecially since it looked so good. They offer standard and custom sizes as well. And since my measurements are weird I did custom. I sent in my request for the costume with my measurements and the waiting game began!

Wig: The wig was more on the pricey side. They said it was because it was on their premium collection. $55 is a bit steep for a wig depending on what you're getting but this was a twin tail so it made sense.

The Wig


IT FINALLY GOT HERE! It took about 3 weeks to get here and I was so excited it looked so good (Aside from the off print tie but it's honestly a minor flaw compared to the rest of the costume) It looked so pretty and perfect (and the wig was perfect too!) Now lets see if it fits...

Test Wear:

I put everything on and I was so happy. Everything fit! I looked like the High school level fashionista herself! (Costume didn't come with bear ornaments, I bought those for $3 on ebay) The wig was the perfect blend of pink and blonde and was so soft and bouncy. I was just so happy with everything.

Hi res photos:

Overall impression:

Everything came in on a timely manner, it looked identical to what they advertised on their website and their customer service was excellent. I worked with Leila and she was so kind and understanding and worked with me! I never had such awesome service especially from a cosplay company. 10/10 would recommend.

If you want to check out was CosplaySky has go to their site!

They have a large range of costumes and wigs to choose from, completely affordable and is super quick! Oh and let them know AlyChu sent you <3

website: 5/5 it was easy to browse and work, the layout was simple and I didn't have to look for anything.
Service: 5/5 Leila was such a sweetheart and it was a pleasure and honor to work with them!
Shipping: 5/5 Everything was fast and packaged perfectly
Costume: 4.5/5 The ONLY reason I am not giving the costume a perfect 5 is because of the misprint on the. Otherwise it was perfect.
Sizing: 5/5
Wig: 5/5 it was the perfect shade and heat resistant, didn't tangle and was bouncy! The perfect Junko wig.

Thank you so much!